Natura Naturals

Natura Naturals is a Canadian company which is currently licensed for cultivation under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

Our Experience Is Our Greatest Asset…

Our Experience Is Our Greatest AssetGrowing for over

40 years.

Growing safe, healthy and quality products in nothing new for Natura Naturals. In fact for over 40 years MCM Acres, Natura Naturals parent company, has been growing the finest hydroponic produce available. Our experience, knowledge and on-going ambition creates the perfect growing environment for medical cannabis production.

Here are just a few of the key elements of our facility:

  • Safe Greenhouse Growing Environment: Producing Plants in a 700,000 + sq.ft. Greenhouse Facility Under Optimal Growing Conditions
  • Fully Sanitized: Conforming to Current GAP, GMP & Food Safety Standards Certified by Primus Labs Since 2005 – Obtained 10 Years of Superior Scores On Our Third Party Audits
  • Human Resourcing and Traffic Control: Protecting Employees and the Local Community – 15+ Years Implementing Individually Monitored Keyless Entry and Recorded Video Surveillance System
  • Security & Monitoring: The Highest Level of Security, Monitoring Access and Crop Protection with State Of The Art Security Installation. Physical Security Measures Enforced At All Times
  • Traceability & Quality Control: 10 Years of Experience in Full Barcode Trace Back From Seed to Harvest, and the End Consumer.
  • Irrigation & Water Recycling: Conforms and Exceeds the 2027 Nutrient Initiative – Incorporating 100% Water Recycling – 15 Years of Experience With a 100% Recirculation Water & Nutrient System That Includes Water Sterilization. Dual Water Supply Plus Water Storage Ensures No Crop Failure Due to Water Loss.
  • Heating Controls: Full Computer Automation From Dutch Design & Cogeneration – Dual Heating and Electrical Systems Ensures No Crop Failure Due to Freezing. CO² Reclamation At Farm Ensures A Reduction In Our Carbon Footprint.
  • Biological Controls: For The Most Natural Environment, MCM Acres / Natura Naturals Uses A Complex Method Of Biological Control For Their Pest Management Solutions. Simply Put, We Introduce Good Bugs To Eat Bad Bugs, Thus Eliminating The Need For Pesticides.
Meet The Founder Who Was…

Born To Grow.

Claudio Mastronardi, MCM Acres’ & Natura Naturals’ Founder, has been around plants his entire life. Claudio’s parents, both children of farmers, taught him at an early age the importance of respecting nature and the responsibility involved with growing quality plants. Today, Claudio oversees the day to day operations of the 700,000+ sq.ft. greenhouse facility focusing on creating an optimal growing environment for hydroponic produce.

While growing hydroponic produce was the family business, Claudio was also researching the benefits of medical cannabis. Claudio’s compassion to help others led him to an opportunity with Health Canada to become a licensed producer under the Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations program (ACMPR). In order for Claudio to learn more about medical cannabis, he contacted Matt D. Cook, former Senior Director of the Colorado Department of Revenue and architect of the Colorado Medical Marjuana Act. Claudio then travelled to Colorado to meet with Matt D. Cook and to tour the Colorado Medical Industry. Claudio met with two very prominent doctors and with several owners of dispensaries and grow operations. Claudio was so inspired with the benefits of medical cannabis that he immediately began with the application process. Growing quality plants is Claudio’s expertise and becoming a licensed producer under the ACMPR is the perfect fit.

Born To GrowBorn To GrowBorn To GrowBorn To Grow

What Are The Benefits To…

Growing with the sun?

Since the beginning of time, farming has relied on the power of the sun to provide valuable heat, light and other essential plant nutrients. Greenhouses have expanded on this time proven growing concept and added technology to provide the optimal growing environment.

How is this better than growing in a warehouse…here is one key example:

Electricity Required To Provide Light Suitable For Plant Growth – Warehouse
Light Suitable For Plant Growth - Warehouse

Electricity Required To Provide Light Suitable For Plant Growth – Greenhouse
Light Suitable For Plant Growth - Greenhouse

What Does This Mean For Our Patients?

  • Utilizing the sun reduces our reliance on energy while allowing Natura Naturals to grow quality product.
  • These energy savings allows Natura Naturals to produce medicinal cannabis at fair and reasonable pricing to our valued patients
  • A plant naturally grown in an optimal controlled biological environment

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