Jetblack Corp. (OTC: JTBK) offers insight into Oregon and National Cannabis Markets

JetBlack Corp.

PORTLAND, Ore., March 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via OTC PR WIRE — JetBlack Corp. (OTC: JTBK) (“JetBlack”) (“the company”) published some management insights into the Oregon Marijuana Markets and the Marijuana Surplus.

JetBlack – Could you please give us your thoughts on the Oregon Marijuana Marketplace and the surplus we have heard so much about?

CEO Daniel A. Goldin Oregon has a great market. The municipalities and the OLCC that are working to license the entities are super helpful and are really nice people. States that only allow a few operators have created a non competitive market. In the tightly controlled states, only a few companies get all the legal business in that state. Whether products are good, bad, fairly priced, consumers do not have many options if they would like to purchase from the legal marketplace. In a competitive marketplace like Oregon, product is less expensive and arguably better quality. The fact is, Oregon’s bad marijuana is not selling while high quality good marijuana is selling. There is a big difference in quality, how it is grown, whether indoor, outdoor or greenhouse. I have heard some people say it all does the same thing and it’s all about the cheapest product. While that may be true for a very light consumer, this is generally not true. If this were true, then American grown marijuana would not have the demand it has had in the last 20 years, especially indoor grown. It probably wouldn’t even exist when you can purchase Mexican grown marijuana for pennies in comparison. If a company is successful in Oregon amongst a highly competitive market, it means that company will be successful nationally and internationally. California and Oregon’s cannabis in the US is highly desirable nationally, if states allow interstate commerce Oregon’s market expands greatly while for example a state like Oklahoma’s Cannabis market does not. It will also be interesting if Oregon attempts to adopt internationally trade sooner than later. Oregon is very progressive. I believe it’s a wonderful place for a cannabis company to call home. I can understand how some companies do not want the competition. We welcome it. While our company is focused on making profits, this is not the only reason we are in the industry. Our management has a love for the industry and we believe this will be evident in the way we operate and the products we will produce. Hopefully the combination thereof will help us become successful.

JetBlack – Could you expand on CenAviv ?

CEO Daniel A. Goldin Briefly, because it is in the conceptual stages. CenAviv will focus on making as close to a pharmaceutical grade edible / sublingual as possible. Smoking in general is not good for you. It’s difficult to use the words medical and smoking in the same sentence. A true medical product will need to be consumed without smoking or vaping. Thats all the input I can give at this moment.


JetBlack Corp. (OTC: JTBK) through its family of subsidiaries operates in the emerging Cannabis Industry. The company is in the process of transferring ownership and locations for two Tier 1 Marijuana Producers Licenses with OLCC. The company announced recently that one Tier 1 License maybe in question and may not be able to be transferred. The company will be moving forward with one transfer and the other Tier 1 License the company will wait to hear the outcome from OLCC. The company has also applied for processing and wholesale licenses. In addition, the company is in talks to acquire various other Marijuana Licenses in various stages of the application process. The company is focused on building a strong foundation for future growth.

More information including pictures of our locations can be found at our website


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