Captor Capital – Capturing the California Cannabis Market

Captor Capital – Capturing the California Cannabis Market
by Michael Kryton, EQUITY IR contributing writer   


As the cannabis sector lights up, investors want to smell the ROI. The question is, who knows the market? John Zorbas is the man behind Captor Capital (CSE: CPTR) FFT: NMV) (OTC: NWURF). He puts his company’s robust business strategy in perspective. “After flying under the radar with a recent acquisition spree, Captor Capital has established a strong footprint in California’s lucrative cannabis market. Captor now owns a number of leading cash generating cannabis dispensaries, including MedMen-branded locations in West Hollywood and Santa Ana, and the popular CHAI dispensary in Santa Cruz.”

[Captor seizes — and harvests — the California Cannabis market.]


Captor Capital investors know what their money is doing. It is doing exactly what Captor’s executive and operating team understand is the seamless power of vertical integration, perhaps the leading strategy companies like Captor know will deliver a return on investment with a level of certainty; acquire operators, grow, distribute, and retail. Simple enough to understand and execute if you have the knowledge and experience, which Captor Capital continues to build on with the acquisition of MedMen and Chai locations.

Captor Capital’s management team boasts a star-studded cast including Shawn Groshans, Head of Business Development and a 20-year veteran merchant banker; Oliver Summers, Director of Retail Dispensaries and an original member and moderator of the Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance (GLACA); and Matt Longo, Director of Manufacturing and Cultivation. That’s the short list.

Captor Capital’s success, especially within an emerging market (projected to break the $50 billion threshold in less than ten years), is parlayed through a knowledge of operations, a well-established distribution network, and navigating legislation. It is turning investor’s heads with good reason and, looking at how the numbers are performing; current investors have much to feel good about.

MedMen branded dispensaries in West Hollywood and Santa Ana, now owned by Captor Capital, are up significantly following the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in California on January 1st. The numbers are highlighted by I-5’s report to Captor that there has been revenue growth of almost 200 per cent at the Santa Ana location compared to six months prior and revenue growth of almost 500 per cent at the West Hollywood location compared to the same period a year prior.

[Revenue growth in Santa Ana alone has hit 200 percent
and 500 percent at the West Hollywood location.]


MedMen Santa Ana, Ca

Photo: MedMen Cannabis Dispensary, Santa Ana, CA


Captor Capital is focused on long term, sustainable investments, paving the way for future developments. They continue to grow because they understand this paradigm from one end to the other. In the spider web of cannabis investments, how does the savvy investor differentiate between the maybe and the certainty? The answer lies in the evidence of action and results. Captor Capital captures both.

Continue watching this space for more news about this innovative cannabis company.

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