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Medical Marijuana
Chinese legend attributes Emperor Shen Neng as one the first healers to prescribe cannabis as a medical treatment–in 2737 BC. Over its extensive lifetime the humble herb, also known as marijuana, has made its way around the world.

Jump to August 2016 when the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) were announced in Canada.

ACMPR allows Canadians dealing with a variety of health issues to use marijuana to seek natural relief of symptoms without the side effects sometimes connected to manufactured drugs.

Potential effects associated with cannabis use may vary depending on the amount of cannabis used, the concentration of cannabinoids in the cannabis product, frequency of use, age and other factors associated with the patient and medical condition.

To determine if medical marijuana would be a viable treatment option for you, contact your health care professional, visit Health Canada’s website or contact the Customer Care Team at Canada’s Island Garden, Inc.

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